Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chicago Bear Steak Recipe

Green Bay Packer Fans usually like their steaks cooked on the grill, and I found a great recipe for the best grilled beef steak.

But since the Packers will be meeting the Bears this week, it's a great opportunity to replenish our supply of bear.

How does Chicago Bear Steak simmered with onion sound? The Chicago Bear steaks are not only tender, but that awful aftertaste of the midnight blue, orange and white coat have been tempered by the addition of onions.

The best Chicago Bear Steak will be available after kickoff on September 25th, but stock up on the onions and beer so you'll be ready to cook up this tasty post game dinner. Once you get your hands on the pulverized Chicago Bear meat, Packer fans only have a few steps left to prepare the meal. You can easily do it during half time.

Pound the living hell out of the Chicago Bear Steak with a meat tenderizer. If the Packers have already taken care of this job, as this sports fan suspects is the case, just wash the Bear steaks off with some beer from the can I know you’re drinking, and dredge them in some flour with a bit of salt and pepper.  (If the bear meat has been overly beaten into submission on the field and falls apart by the time you get it, check out the way Grandma Butts Inn prepares Chicago Bear Meat Balls.)

Drop the floured and seasoned Chicago Bear steaks into a hot skillet of oil and sliced onions and brown on both sides. Drain off the excess oil. Chicago Bear steaks are known to be a bit greasy, so make sure you remove that disgusting mess from the skillet as well.

Add enough water to the skillet to cover the Bear steaks. Cover the pan and let the meat simmer, or stew, just like Lovie Smith is on the sidelines, until you’re ready to enjoy your meal.

Chicago Bear Steak on a fall afternoon is a rare treat. In fact, the last time the Frustrated Freelancer remembers enjoying such a wonderful  treat is back in January as our Packers made their way to the Super Bowl. I'm still not sure which victory was sweeter.

I plan on stocking up on enough Chicago Bear Meat to last  right through the REPEAT Super Bowl Victory party.

Perhaps I’ll add some peppers and my favorite sauce, put it on a hoagie roll and enjoy a great Chicago Cheese Steak Sandwich, Packer style.

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